Monday, July 13, 2009

Now what?

Ok, so i finally started playing around with some fimo.
This is an idea i've had for a while, but the how-to part of this project has kept me from starting it.
But i felt like doing something, so i decided to just go for it, and it turned out pretty well.
For now.

Maybe the start of an octopus hat

See, fimo is very soft and needs to bake in the oven for about ten minutes to harden and... you see where i'm going with this yet?
If i take it off my mannequin there's no way the shape can hold, but i can't exactly put her in the oven either.

It would have to be sanded, lacquered and painted, a lot

So i applied some olive oil to the head with a small brush, as to prevent it from getting stuck on there permanently.
And now i guess now i just have to wait and see if it hardens enough on it's own, enough for me to lift it off the mannequin and bake it.
I hope so, if not, i at least had fun making it!

Is it just me or does he look a little like Admiral Ackbar?


  1. Så fantastisk! Hvor er den bare super flot :)

  2. Mange tak!
    Kryds fingre for at den holder formen!!

  3. wow! cant wait for the finished pictures! looks amazing!xxx

  4. i like it, really, it´s a damed good idea, true, true ! :-)

  5. I have a couple suggestions for how to deal with the drying issue. Set the whole head out in a sunny spot for a day to let it air dry some. If possible get it as hot and sunny as possible, even putting it in a position with some tin foil around it. This will harden it just enough that you can lift it off the head and transfer it onto another "round/head shaped bowl" AND then you can put it into the oven to dry as per the FIMO directions. I know Danmark doesnt get hot like here in CA. and it might take quite a bit of work to try and get it air dried...but I think its worth trying. It wont air dry enough by itself to get really hard, but you should be able to get it dry "enough" to transfer it.

    Good luck

    AND its really amazingly super duper cool

  6. Thanks Tanya, that is a great idea.
    I'll try putting it in the living room window today while i'm at work, that's where it gets hottest during the day.
    The summer is a bit weak here, but at least it's sunny out today!

    I'll give you an update when i get home later.

  7. I like it! You could probably do a papermaiche head that you cover with tin foil aswell and put it in the oven.. Held og lykke!
    Alt er supergodt med marcus og mig.

  8. Jeg elsker blæksprutter! Nu går jeg ikke så meget med hovedbeklædning... men den ser rigtig fin ud! Super ide!

    Jeg tænkte, at et besøg hos eller i butikken i sankt hansgade 17 i kælderen måske kan give ideer eller inspiration til materialevalg - min kammerat Thomas er altid klar til at give et godt råd når det drejer sig om den slags. De har en masse materialer til at arbejde i til den slags.

  9. What an original idea! That's just beautiful! Would you paint him after he dried? I know this is a totally morbid thought, but sometimes I think about things that I would tattoo on my head or wear as hats if I ever got cancer and lost my hair during my treatments, and that would be phenomenal :)

  10. "It's a trap!"
    That has to be his (if not the best) best line from Star Wars.

  11. Octo-licious !!! Good job Yellow pants !!! Just made it in almost one piece (my bag decided to stay and hangout with the other bags in Schiphol for a bit longer) !!! But it's a new bag and I understand , first time traveling and meeting all these new bags all over the world ! He'll learn one day ... Guess you got to let them learn by themselves and stuff !

    Have fun and see ya in a Flash (a 2 month flash)
    Miss ya already !

  12. Hvad Martin, du ville da ellers være så fine med en lille sprutte hat!
    Tak for tippet, jeg tror jeg må aflægge Thomas et besøg snart, jeg mangler nye smartere materialer for sure!

    Coralene, i don't think that's morbid at all, more like extremely positive to find something good in a grim scenario!
    I would paint him, i was thinking something and gold.
    Maybe turquoise.

    Great line indeed Nik, gotta love the admiral!

    Nick, tell your bag that if it doesn't behave you just won't bring it next time.
    That'll do the trick i'm sure!
    Miss you lots too, hope you're having fun already!