Sunday, July 12, 2009

A night on the town

Oh, sweet weekend, you finally came.
I haven't had much time to enjoy you, and i've been by the shop every day, but still, you're here.

Yesterday we did something... pause for drama... social!
Yes, we went out, with other people.
Now, it's not that we're completely anti-social, it's just that we don't have much time for company when we're not out traveling, and most nights we just end up on the couch with sushi and a dvd.

But last night we met up with some awesome people for a Oldbones/Sailors Grave/Conspiracy Inc. get together.
First food, then Tivoli, then drinks at a semi-sleazy pizzeria.
Good times.

Ok, so Tivoli may be a total tourist trap, but it's still pretty cool to have one of the worlds oldest amusement parks smack in the center of your city
Hmm, aparently i didn't take many pictures, but i do have this classic red-eyes-all-around group photo!


  1. That place is beautiful! That's an amusement park?? I wish I could live there. Glad you had a nice night out... Being a homebody is a treat (I'm not being sarcastic, I never go out!) but it's good to just get away and see people and verify that you can still speak and function in social settings sometimes :)

  2. Exactly, sometimes i worry about that, speaking, to actual people in the real world!

    If you ever visit Copenhagen i'll take you to Tivoli for sure, i think you'd love it!

    Ps. Alice, wanna go?