Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's been raining most of the day, and i had laundry outside.
The air is still warm and heavy, even after all that rain.
It's weird.

After Allan took off to go see Metallica, and Eckel finished up and went home, i stayed behind and gave the shop (and some tubes) a good cleaning so we wouldn't have to do it in the morning.
So i finally got to spend some quality time with the shop, i guess.

On the way home, the city had a strange smell and vibe, and it made me kind of sad.
The good kind though, the kind that makes you wanna listen to pretty songs and cry on purpose.
But i didn't do any of that, i just ate some salad and watched trailers.

Whip It
Feel good girlie stuff

Wild Ocean
Probably not that great, but the HD trailer sure is pretty

District 9
Inneresting sci fi, by the looks of it

Yes, i've posted this before, but maybe you need to see it again?

The Windmill Movie
I'll probably never watch this, but i like the trailer a lot

The Time Traveler's Wife
Call me bitter and cold, but this just looks like pure shit to me, and i'm suddenly very happy i never bought the book (but, you know, i could be wrong)


  1. HA! I have to admit, I was a little bummed when I saw that you linked The Time Traveler's Wife, but excessively excited to see that you said it looked awful. Graham's mom is SO into movies like that, books as well. She had me read it even, and talked it up so much that I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately it was as satisfying as putting hot coals where the sun don't shine.

  2. Haha, that doesn't sound very satisfying at all!

    Sorry to have you worried there for a second.
    I do like romantic movies, so i'm not that bitter, but it has to be real and more importantly, stuff has to happen on occasion!
    This just looks like a snoozefest to me.

    Even more glad i didn't buy the book now, but it was close, i needed something to read in Japan and it had all these tags for prizes and recommendations on it!

  3. I love that you love trailors :) One of my daily sites I check is the apple trailers site :) and I watch every single trailer no matter how bad the movie sounds....I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching trailers.

    Whip It looks super fun, and just like the type of girly movie I would like. I actually met Ellen Page last year, she is super cute and very nice.

    District 9 also looks like it could be good...I love me some good sci-fi :) The rest, I am gonna pass on.

  4. ooh I've been so excited about Whip It! since I read the synopsis and now I'm even more excited after seeing the trailer!

    I cant believe Tanya met Ellen Page, I totally love her! :(


  5. Oh, I hope I am not stepping on any toes here but I would love to share the story :) Because it just really makes me smile and I think the girly girls here would love it.

  6. Cool story, and no, you're definitely not stepping on any toes!