Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mail x 3

We got some fun stuff in the mail these past few days.
On saturday Nick got a package from his friend Julia in Hong Kong, and in it was a present for me!
It was this awesome Buffy comic in a fancy edition with a cross, vial of holy water and an actual Claddagh ring!

Seriously good stuff!

Also in the mail this weekend, a documentary from my good friend Blaine from LA.
I'm gonna watch it this weekend, very excited to see what it's all about.
And today we got a package from Alice and Lewis in Portland, containing Lewis' portfolio, a cute card and some super cute fridge magnets.


Definitely a way to improve my slightly gloomy mood, thanks guys!


  1. as a serious magnet collector, i fully endorse those! they are super cute!!!

  2. http://allthemountains.blogspot.com/2009/07/wowee.html

  3. i'm glad u like your present! thanks for ur message, we've just had another scare, and milo's back at the vets but hopefully it's just us worrying too much (not that that's possible right?!)
    anyways, just thought i'd drop by, say "hi" and tell u bout a friend of mine's dog. he's a doberman and he's called lucifer. him and your's look like long lost twins from very strange parents.... anyways, they taught lucifer all new commands, so for example:
    hail satan=paw

    it goes on and on..... it's cooler in person i'm sure, but just thought i'd share!

  4. Dude, that is coolest thing i have ever heard in my life!
    I wish my Lucifer did cool stuff like that, but he's not really a trick dog.
    But just knowing that Lucifers giant evil twin is out there warms my heart!

    Sorry to hear you had a scare, i hope he'll feel better real soon.
    But you definitely can't be too careful!

    Thanks again for the present, it's sooo awesome!!