Friday, July 3, 2009

Like magic

Me and Helle went to the mall today to buy a birthday present for my dad, and do a little shopping for ourselves too.
We were gonna go swimming in the harbor too, but we were done with the shopping way too late for that.
Not that the air was cold (it's still not cold outside) but my hair needed to dry before going to my parents' for birthday dinner and there was no time for that.
But we still made time for a latte and a toe-dipping.

My legs in the fairytale water
Helles very athletic toes got in there too
The ugly ass mall, and the harbor bath

The toy cam app is crazy sometimes, right?

Tomorrow morning we're going to Roskilde to meet up with the nice band who decided to give us free passes and hopefully see some great shows.
I doubt i'll be home in time to blog, so maybe i won't be back here until monday.
If that should happen, i hope you'll all have a great weekend with weather just as nice as the weather we've been having here.


  1. Ha ha, godt du skrev det på den måde du gjorde, så folk ikke tror, at mine tæer bare sidder sådan altid!!

  2. Ok, the toy cam app has got to be close to my favorite thing I've ever seen. The water pictures are so sparklemagical! I would take an ALBUM of pictures of just water if I could do that! Or if I still used actual albums, and didn't just have scads of numerically sorted photo files on my computer.

  3. the pictures of the water with the sun shining are beautiful.