Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's not a sidewalk, people...

I have a serious love/hate thing going with tourist season in Copenhagen.
They, the tourists, are all over the central part of town.
They're waving around maps, taking pictures of anything old, and, when the weather is nice like today, they look like they're having the best time ever.
They look innocent and i just wanna stop and help them with directions and stuff (and when they look lost that exactly what i do).
And i love that sometimes, for just a few seconds, i can almost see the city with their eyes and for those few seconds it's a much better city than the one i live in.

But some days, like today, when i have to ride my bike across town and run a bunch of errands before work, i just wanna strangle them all with my bare hands.
They just walk into traffic without looking where they're going, they walk around in huge groups and then just stop to point at something, usually in the middle of the road.
But the thing that really bugs me is that they don't understand the Danish bicycle culture, and that makes them dangerous as well as annoying.

So, a quick reminder to anyone planning on visiting Copenhagen:
-Our bikes are like your cars, they're our number one means of transportation
-We don't ride for fun, we ride to get from A to B and that usually means riding fast
- The bike lane is just another kind of road, it's not an extra sidewalk for you to walk on
-Don't forget to look out for bikes when you cross the street, the danger starts when you leave the sidewalk, not when you enter the road
-If you get run over by a bike, you're not the only one who's gonna get hurt, so be careful for everyones sake

Ok, i think that's it for lectures.
For now (shakes fist at imaginary tourist).

The rest of my day was just fine.
Work, work, work and a nice walk in the park with Lucifer.

The nice weather is supposed to end tomorrow, i hope it'll find it's way back soon
The other day our client Franny came by with these shoes she picked up for me at a supermarket, 100 kr. is such a bargain for these cuties (they're actually a full size too big, but i really like them, so i'm hoping it's not super noticeable)
This morning i cut off part of the sleeves of my Sid's Tattoo Parlor t-shirt, i like it even better now


  1. i will keep that in mind for sure because an annoying clueless "japanese" tourist is one of the last things i would like to become.

    you are looking cute as always. nice shoes as well.

  2. Thanks, i seriously hope the shoes don't look freaky big on me, i'd hate to walk around looking like a hobo.
    But whatever, they're nice, i'll take my chances!

    Oh, and i'm such a hypocrite, i can't even get mad at japanese tourists, believe me i've tried.
    I just like japanese people too much i guess, or like the places they remind me of is more correct i guess.
    And i've seen you in Copenhagen, you blend right in!

  3. Is this the toy cam app again? Cute little pictures. If it ever fails you, you can say it's a pain in the app! Eh... Har har.

    When I moved here to Montana from Seattle, I was so surprised at the disregard for both bicycle riders and pedestrians. Cars- or rather, huge trucks, seems like everyone drives a truck here- just go barreling around corners without even looking! In Seattle, bicyclists don't have their own lane, but at least they are minded by the traffic :/ I'll definitely be sure to not go strolling up and down the bicycle lanes of Copenhagen if I ever find myself there!

    Also- what does your Sid's shirt say? Crappy Tattoos? Haha

  4. Crappy tattoos for crappy people!
    It's my favorite, hehe!

    It is indeed the trusty toy cam, i'd left my camera at home.

    Sometimes i think other cities are better for riding bikes, like in Tokyo where you ride om the sidewalk, everyone seems to be very considerate of each other.
    In Denmark bike road rage is way too common and it's every bicyclist for herself, kinda sucks.
    But at least most cars keep an eye out when turning!

  5. W O R D! for the 'Sidewalk-info-guide' for tourists of Copenhagen to be, or just plain stupid and ignorant people, who feel they owe the whole D* street! Which usually ends up in me biking fast AND shouting in the morning!