Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a while

Have a look at what i've accomplished during my vacation so far, not bad considering it's only monday and i'm pretty lazy, huh?
Hopefully i'll get a lot more done now that i have a little (a lot) more time to myself.

I don't know if it's noticeable, but i 'm trying to go in a different direction with these.
I wanna try and limit myself, and my dumb ideas, just a little bit.
That way i can finish pieces faster and perhaps also make some pieces that are a little more... easy to wear for non-crazy people, i guess?
My dealer seems to think that's a good idea and i agree.
Don't know where these are going yet, maybe to Sweden?

Big fluffy rose
And lace!
I like the pink/white/brown combo
Also finished this one, purple is nice
Happy hummingbird

Ps. My trusty model would like you all to notice, and possibly comment on her fancy not bald head.

I'm actually thinking of buying her a new wig, since they don't make "sorry for chemically burning a huge octopus on your plastic scalp" cards.
At least i think they don't...


  1. i noticed the hair first actually! shes a very lucky mannequin! :)

    Love the new hats too, the rose one is my favourite!xxx

  2. Ms. mannequin thanks you (and so do i)!

  3. Gosh soooo beautiful :) I adore both equally...they are just too fab for words!! AND like Samboy, I totally noticed your girls hairs....hehehehehe poor head