Monday, July 13, 2009


Our regular coffee pusher is on vacation, so today we walked down to Riccos for a latte and a smile.
Minus the smile, this is Vesterbro after all.

Great coffee, not so great attitude?

One the way home we noticed that Neckface is back on Istedgade again.
Lets see how long it takes before some pathetic local gets all jealous and territorial and paints over it, like they did the last time.
I'm guessing a week or so?

Grrr, argh
Last nights (blurry) pizza
Damn that Khan!

I've finally crossed one thing off my to-do list: i called an animal clinic that specializes in knee surgery and booked an appointment for Lucifer.
I am terrified about him having surgery, but at the same time i know they heal really quick, and hopefully he'll be a happier and healthier dog when it's done.

Now, if i could just get around to fixing my own hospital appointments...

But that's not gonna happen today, now i wanna do something fun, like eat chips and play with hobby clay!


  1. aaaaha !-! subtitles, ha,... i suppose it´s mcCoys horrible accent, am i right ?!!

  2. They're using very difficult technical space phrases, i needs my subtitles!
    Maybe it's Kirk or McCoy talking... or possibly Kirstie Alley?

    We watched two Star Trek movies last night and i'm gonna go watch a third one now, good times!

  3. amalie, not sure if i told you this, but this fxxking coffee shop is the one where i had coffee with kasper from kashmire when i first visited copenhagen. they do have good coffee, huh?

  4. What, really??
    Well, it is super trendy, i can see him hanging there for sure.
    The coffee is pretty great, but i'd rather buy it and make it at the shop, no grumpy staff there at least!
    (Allan thought for a second that he saw the girl smile at a customer, but it turned out to be a friend of hers, so it didn't count).

  5. It was watched as a tribute to you on your birthday you know!