Thursday, July 9, 2009

Damn skizo weather...

The heatwave is over, and we are now back to the classic impossible-to-dress-for Danish summer.

The day started out like this, warm and sunny
By the lakes the air was so fresh
Later this happened; heavy rain along with sunshine, but no rainbow to see from where we were standing
And around nine when we left the shop, it had cleared up again (Allan went nuts for the Tex Mex look, i may have to dress like this more often)

I hope the heatwave will return at some point, i haven't even been out swimming this year!


  1. the weather has been like that here too! its awkward, I never know what to wear!!! xxx

  2. The weather is like this here too. It sucks.
    Your outfit is really cute though. I love your dress.

    I got a bike basket like this for minnie last week. Now I just need to train her to stay in it and not jump out.

  3. Jeg er med Allan! Mere Tex Mex til dig!

  4. Uh og jeg er med dig på den med vejret. Den danske sommer vil ha sin kage og spise den, og det er ikke fair! Either or dammit!

  5. ah and you remind me why I dont miss the Danish weather.

    The tex mex outfit is toooo freakn cute

  6. Thanks guys, i'll try to mex it up more often!

    Betty, traing Lucifer wasn't so hard, cause he's been riding in a basket since he was a baby.
    But a good trick is to make it really soft and comfy, so she'll wanna sit there.
    And in the beginning, tie her to the basket for safety (i had a little elastic leash attached to the basket that i could clip onto his collar)!

  7. I made a pillow that fits into the basket and attached a short leash to it. Now if it finally stops raining I'll do a test drive

  8. Exciting, i hope it'll be fun for the both of you!