Friday, July 31, 2009


Remember those burgers i blogged about yesterday?
Well, they tasted so good that i completely forgot to take pictures.
Oh well, there will be other amazingly delicious homemade burgers.
Soon too, i hope.

The best part of the evening, however, was the company.
We haven't spent more than five minutes with Mixen and Nelson in the longest time, so it was awesome to finally catch up.
And while we were eating, Wookie and his very new girlfriend dropped by to borrow a DVD and help us finish our homemade not-fried french fries.
Good times.

Nelson and Lucifer, two old buddies hanging out on the couch
Blurry Allan and Mixen, after eating a whole lotta ice cream


  1. Nelson and Lucifer look like they're having a proper serious conversation! They're too cute!

  2. I'm sure they were... in between the humping of course!

  3. He's the prettiest pug in the world!