Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today is sunday.
It should be a day of rest, but we've been busy as usual.
The rest part we'll hopefully get to later.

This afternoon after saying a quick hello to my parents, having goodbye brunch with Nick, and cleaning the apartment (something i hadn't done since before Roskilde) i went to the shop to give the counter the last layer of wood lacquer so it could be ready for use on tuesday, but of course i'd left my shop key at home.
Really, this type of thing happens to me all the time.

While i waited for Allan and his key to come rescue me, one of our clients walked by and she said she could totally fix my crappy green bike, so at least some good came from me being a forgetful tard.

I'd actually been looking forward to spending some quality alone time with my beloved shop.
And i think maybe i need some alone time too, i've been in a sad mood these past few days, and i think i'm staring to bum out Allan (sorry baby).
But i also love hanging out with my boys, so i was happy when they, along with the key, joined me on Nansensgade.
Good thing they came too cause the shop kinda looked like a bomb went off in there, so after i'd done what i came there to do, we gave the shop a good cleaning too.

Before going home to Vesterbro, we had a coffee in the park, Lucifers favorite park
Mine too
You know what i love most about summer, besides not having to layer? Probably that i can hang dry my laundry outside instead of in my living room!

Right now Allan is painting some flash and i'm gonna go make some pizzas, veggies + tofu for me and pepperoni for Allan..
And then we'll put on a movie, i'm thinking Wrath of Khan, and do that relaxing thing we've heard so much about.

Ps. Happy b-day to Corey, who we miss tons!


  1. Hej Amalie! Hvor ligger Brooklyn Vintage i Malmø? Det vore sjovt at se dine fascinators live. =)
    Håber at I har det godt!

  2. Hey Sandra!
    Den ligger Engelbrektsgatan 6, kun 5 minutter fra stationen.
    Det ville da være fint hvis du havde lyst til at besøge hattene!
    Vi har det rigtig fint, tak, håber også det går godt med dig og Marcus!

  3. Hjemmelavet pizza! Jeg kan kun drømme...
    Og København er sgu smuk om sommeren. Gid jeg havde fri til at kunne nyde det!

  4. Stakkels lille arbejdshest, håber du får noget fritid snart!