Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why yes, i do take requests

By popular demand (= one reader asked for it), more pictures from the apartment of our Hamburg homies:

This room has the most amazing ceiling
This one has a deer
Antlers in here too (and y'all know i love antlers)
Another deer, this one not quite as real, but cute nonetheless
Mouse & Mole
Fancy egg
A little Krishna lookin' fella
Pretty kitchen tiles


  1. The Mouse & Mole book looks adorable! And I love Frida Kahlo. What a pretty home.

  2. Gahhhh whoever requested more pictures did us all a favor :) its AMAZING!!! I love all the interesting details, and despite being a vegan and usually being kinda freaked out by dead stuff, the antlers really do add an amazinging interesting texture to the apartment. The ceiling is heavenly!!! I just cant get over the really is beyond amazing!!!
    The mix of items like deer, krishna and Frida is just so interesting and really adds a lot of charm to the overall look :) Thank you sooooo duper much for posting these pictures.

  3. eee! The mole always was my favorite character from "die sendung mit der maus". I totally forgot about him :(

  4. I agree with you guys, they really have a pretty and fun home.
    And a comfy couch too!

    I remember the mole too, vaguely, but he's there all right.