Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She misses California

Back home, after a long and kinda hellish trip.
I'm not even gonna bitch about it, but i will say this: i am never flying United again.

The sun was shining in Copenhagen, and my dad picked us up at the airport.
After we'd unloaded all of our crap in the apartment, we went over to my parents place to get reunited with our little boy.
He seemed as happy to see us as we were to see him, if that's even possible.
I love that little guy.
My mom had prepared some food and we ate and did some catching up before going back home for a four hour nap on the couch.

I am so jetlagged right now, more than usual.
And my head hurts.
Oh well, here are a few shots from our last day in California.
We had planned to go to LA that day, but Allan caught a cold and wasn't feeling good, so we ended up staying in the OC instead.

We went to The Lab, ate at Gypsy Den and hung out in the sun
I look retarded, but Allan looks cute
My nails were still a little wet
Candy apple red
We went to the art supply store for paper... and sodas
And to Target for more nail polish (two kinds of coral, i can't seem to get enough of that color these days)
At Borders, where the so so famous Allan can be found (in the men's interest section?)
At dinner with the whole gang, and then some
Holding your girlfriends leftover salad is the new holding your girlfriends purse, or something like that

I'm gonna go try and sleep off this headache, that i most likely got from sleeping too much.
Sound like a good plan?


  1. Shit, du er altså sygt god til at lægge neglelak! Det bliver altid så flot!
    Håber du er ovre den åndssvage jetlag :)

  2. Ikke helt, men jeg er på vej i den rigtige retning..
    Denneher neglelak var altså ingen sag, meeen nu må vi se hvor længe den holder, der er jo andre der skal prøves!

  3. Hi

    Nice meeting you both again in Long Beach. Was kinda long days for me as well and I am looking forward to chill more on a zero level when you are over here in Tokyo later this year. Allan so so famous, no way, he is the celeb people should take pictures of at the airport, just wait. I can't believe I grabbed his ass when he was wearing those green short shorts. Just a pure reflex like a demonic grab-a-dudes-ass dark force took control of the situation. That what friend are for right....!?

    Later princess, best to UA and speak soon.