Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sad excuse for a blog post...

The weather today was crap, so i didn't hang by the pool all day like i planned.
Instead i went to work with Allan and Will, and that was just fine too.
I hung out at Sid's, did my nails (didn't turn out as nice as i'd hoped though) and it was a very pleasant day, even if it did include a close encounter with a (gasp!) clown.

Tomorrow we're picking up the japanese and checking into the Queen Mary.
Don't know what else is gonna happen, or if the boat has finally gotten internet.
If it hasn't i guess i'll just see y'all on monday with lots of pictures from what i hope will be an awesome convention weekend.


  1. see you tomorrow i hope!!

    i hate clowns too.. *shiver* so creepy!!

  2. Booo for intet net på Stolte Mary. Vi savner news!

  3. I just want to ask about your title, it caught my attention! Haha! I hope you've enjoyed your trip. I'm doing my coursework assignment when I saw your post.