Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phew, we're back alright

Worked till 10 pm.
Cleaned tubes, shopped for and ordered supplies, cleaned the kitchen (home of the new and fancy coffee machine), answered about a gazillion emails, booked appointments, talked to a bunch of walk ins and went though about 5 out of 11 pages of friend requests on the shop myspace.
I am beat.
My jetlag is still alive and well by the way, and it has a new friend to keep it company, my sore throat.
Yeah, i'm just tons of fun today.

But besides being tired (so tired i managed to ruin soup, instant soup from a jar that is) i'm alright with being back.
Although i do miss the days when this was all i had planned:

Drinking ice blended coffee and reading magazines outside The Coffee Bean on Seventeenth St.
The sky looked all crazy on the way home, i do love that summer nights here never get really dark

Ps. Remember when birthdays were something you'd look forward to for weeks, even months?
My birthday is in two days and i'm feeling... not much.


  1. wow! the coffee machine looks awesome! :)

    and i'm sure you'll have a lovely birthday! allan always gets you the best presents!!!

    go on, tell us how old you'll be! :P xxx