Friday, June 12, 2009

People who wear short shorts

Since we've bee here we've been up around 8.30 every day, without going to bed any earlier than usual.
I don't know about you guys, but 4-6 hours of sleep is just not my style.
I guess i'll have to wait until my vacation is over to get some sleep.

We've been running around, or you know, driving, all day every day and when we finally get back to the hotel late at night, i am for the most part too tired to even look at the computer, like right now.
So the "today i did this" type of blogging is just not an option at the moment.
But i figured it was a time to post some pictures from this weekend, right?

So, to explain what you're about to see here... ok, if you've been to a tattoo convention before you'll know that people rock some pretty extreme looks at these things.
And you might think that there's nothing you could possibly do to shock these people, but you'd be wrong.
Showing up with a couple of friends wearing awesome 70's shorts will make peoples jaws drop.
That wasn't actually the main purpose of the plan, we really just wanted to look awesome for the show, but it was funny as hell seeing people just stop in the middle of a conversation when Allan walked by!

Operation short shorts has been years in the making, but it was worth the wait
Meghans cute blue outfit
Hunters rocked that grey look real good
Putting up banners suddenly got interesting
We kept it going all day, this is from the Eagles of Death Metal show
Ok, so mine was a onesie and not technically shorts, but i liked it, and my top even matched the shoes
I forgot to tell Corey about the plan, but lucky for her, i'd brought extra short shorts

There must be someone out there who has group shots of all of us together, but sadly, i don't.
But i will try to find one!


  1. haha,alan cracks me up in the pic where he's putting the poster up!!!!

  2. Allan!!!!sorry,it's a friday,my brain is fried!x

  3. hehehehe those are some short shorts :) I love all the great pictures and got a good giggle out of the thought of people staring at all of youz in your short shorts.

  4. You can actually see the cabin key (right?) in Allan's sock. Good times, surely.

  5. hahhaha thats the best thing i've, ever!!!

    you all look sooooo good haha!


  6. such a relief that you brought extras! next time ill pack mine just in case! not like they take up alot of room...