Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off we go

Almost ready.
Allan is finishing the wedding gift and i'm packing.
It's gonna be nice to travel by train, i'm so sick of airports, airport security and airport staff.
Anything airport related really.

One problem though.
Lucifer's vaccine is not completely up to date, so if we get busted at the border, they might send us back.
I was ready to send him home to Mai for a small vacation, but the birthday boy (Allan's birthday is tomorrow) decided that we should risk it and bring him along.
So keep your fingers crossed y'all, i really don't wanna take this trip three times.

I decided on the floral dress by the way, but i still packed the casual one, in case the weather is crazy hot like yesterday.
And i even managed, although i was feeling sick and stressed last night, to make a matching headband to go with my outfit before going to bed.
Last minute hat making is becoming a thing.
So is last minute blogging i guess.

Next post will be from beautiful (is it? i haven't been there in like 10 years) Hamburg.

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  1. Håber i har en god tur! Og tillykke med fødselsdagen til Allan!