Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just like it's supposed to be

I gotta tell you, hanging out with friends, eating food and doing not much else rocks.
And besides a little shopping, and a lot of driving, that's pretty much all we did yesterday.

Today i might stay home at the hotel while Allan go to the shop to tattoo our friend Will.
If the weather is as great as it was yesterday, i'm gonna try out that new cheap bikini i got at h&m yesterday and hang by the pool.
I'm thinking i should probably do some swimming before getting any dumb souvenir tattoos, and not after like i did last year (wrapping your leg in plastic and jumping in the pool is not something i'd recommend).

From the rental
Outside the Spectrum
And inside
Palm trees are my friends
Gypsy Den, not the one we usually go to though
I shared my toast with this little guy
Lunch with Allan and Klaus
At Los' shop
Trying on short shorts at American Apparel


  1. Allan rocker de der sokker!!

  2. The shorts picture made me laugh. EXCEPT I really think they should be wearing the fancy summer one-piece suits behind them, much more weather appropriate! And, did you go on that amazing ferris wheel??

  3. hehehe short shorts