Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I really love shoes

No, i mean i REALLY love shoes
First tattoo ever at a convention (not counting hotel rooms) and first tattoo i ever paid for as well (go ahead and hate on me for that last one)

Thanks Morg!


  1. Så smukt. Blomsten minder om tapetet i Bisserup, gør den ikke?
    You make us all proud, shoe lovin woman!

  2. ohhh that is smashing :) LOVE it and I love the fact that you love shoes so much you would get one on your body! I have a shoe tattoo as well...because I also love shoes. LOL I however, have never received any free tattoo work ;) you are a lucky lucky girl

  3. Very cute. Goes well with your other tattoos, I think.

  4. Fie, jeg viste hende faktisk billeder af 70'er tapet som referance, så jo, der er dømt Bisserup blomster!

    Thanks guys, i am so happy with it.
    And she did actually match it to my other stuff on purpose which i thought was nice.