Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hamburg by train and boat

You'll be happy (i hope) to know that we, including Lucifer, made it to Germany without getting busted.
There wasn't even any border police on the train, so we had nothing to worry about.

Our nice, but slightly annoying, swedish neighbors on the train (when you're doing crossword puzzles, do them solo, and when you're doing stitching, count inside your head!)
I hate, hate, hate sailing, but at least it was quick and the weather was nice
Ferry food however is not nice, it's disgusting
And of course Allan bought the most gross thing on the menu
Lucifer had to wait on the floor while we ate, and he was not too happy about that
But on the train he could just lounge in the sun, so even though it was a long trip, i think he had an ok time


  1. Jeg er stor fan af at rejse med tog! Man kan godt glemme det smukke ved landskaber (og Europa så'n generelt) når man enten sidder på en motorvej eller i et fly.

    Glæder mig til at høre, hvordan et tysk bryllup er!

  2. hehehehe the swedish couple looks like the type of people we always get stuck sitting next to on an least on the train your not sitting smashed next to them in the next seat...does that help?

  3. Ew, I hate Schnitzel. No matter what everyone says I think german food is one of the grossest food ever. So much meat.