Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down by the water

It's hot in Copenhagen today.
Damn hot.
A little humid too.
I'm not complaining (although that is the way of the Danes), just thought i'd mention it.
Damn hot.
Especially inside our tiny non-air conditioned shop.

So i was happy that i'd made plans to finally go see Helle's new place and hang out with her and Fie for some coffee and cake.
I didn't get much work done before heading out to see the girls (ouch, guilt) cause one of our clients, Franny, who we haven't seen in a long time, dropped by and we started chatting.
Anyway, around three i jumped on my more-crappy-than-ever green bike and headed for Christianshavn.

Cph in the summer
I sometimes wish i was a tourist here
When i got there Fie was already working her way through several bags of baby clothes (boy or girl, what do you think?)
Calvin was chillin' and eating cherries
Baby feet, it's normal to wanna put them in your mouth, or so i've heard
Mom magazines, not all Fies cup of tea, but some did offer good advice on... all that stuff i know nothing about
Lucifer was exhausted from protecting all his new people
And the heat was a bit too much for him too
Damn straight
Calvin is just the happiest kid
A picture of me and the nose licker from Helles secret blog
And one more of me and Calvin having a staring contest, it got a little too intense for Lucifer as you can tell
I may already have told you this, but Helle is someone i used to be really tight with years ago, and then we didn't talk for years, before recently reconnecting.
The same thing kinda happened with Fie, a childhood friend, who i've seen occationally over the years but haven't hung out with much.

And now they're two of the people i talk to the most, but since it's mostly via blogs and networking sites, it was pretty great hanging out with both girls in real life, drinking coffee and eating cherries.
And watermelon.
And cake.
Oh, and Helles new apartment was huge and amazing.
Little jealous.

One the way home, crossing the bridge


  1. I kategorierne Babyfødder og Nådige Billeder Af Tykke Gravide går dagens fotopris til....Malle!

    Tak for skønt real-life selskab. Som jeg også har skrevet til Helle giver jeg kaffen næste gang.

  2. Uh, jeg håber dagens fotopris kommer med et trofæ af en art!

    Kaffe på Nørrebro lyder perfekt, jeg er på nårsomhelst (efter Roskilde altså!)

  3. The picture of you and Lucifer is adorable

  4. Jeg ved næsten ikke hvor jeg skal starte eller slutte, jeg er bare et stort smil! Dejlig dag, dejlige damer, dejlig blog!