Monday, June 15, 2009

A day in the sun

On saturday i had the best day out with Jen and the kids.
We went to Mission San Juan Capistrano, about half an hour from the shop.
Instead of doing all the touristy stuff we ended up just goofing around, shopping at the giftshop, chasing black bees and taking pictures of flowers and koi fish.
Also, while we were there an all female, grammy winning mariachi band rehearsed for their performance later that day, and they were amazing.
Such a good day.

We have lots of these in Bisserup too, they're my favorites
Me and Jonny took lots of pictures of this one
Here's one of mine
I took about a million of these, most of them intended to be reference pictures for Allan
Pretty, right?
There were koi fish in there too
Hungry koi!
Ok, last flower picture, i promise
This guy didn't mind posing for pictures
Jen and the girls taking pictures of a bee
This one was pretty

We're going home tomorrow and i am pretty much not ok with that.
Sure, i'll be fine once we're there, but i could really have used more time here.
And the idea of coming back to rainy Denmark and a cold apartment full of unpaid bills and no dog is just bumming me out.

I'm not sure how we're gonna spend our last day here.
The original plan was shopping in LA, but since we don't really have room for more crap, and Allan is feeling sick, i'm not so sure anymore.
Maybe we'll just end up cruisin around Santa Ana, and hang out at the shop.


  1. beautiful pictures amalie :) xxx

  2. I agree, very very pretty pictures! What a great day- I love mariachi music. I don't think I've ever heard an all-female group though!

  3. Aijjj, hvis det går helt galt skal jeg nok komme med kage så snart som muligt! Håber i har haft den bedste tur!
    Forhåbentlig bliver det snart bedre vejr :s

  4. it looks to have been an amazingly spiffy day :) The pictures are just beautiful and though not religious, there is something very magical about visiting the old missions. There are a ton of them here in California and they all have such colorful history. Its normal for kids in the 4th grade to study the Cali missions, so we got a large dose of it last school year and even got to visit a few.

    Hope you find something worthy of a "last day in town" kinda day....wish I had a suggestion...if you were in San Fran, I would have plenty of ideas...but LA isnt my playground.

  5. I love the colours in your pics, so pretty!

  6. We had such a great day with you, Amalie! Your pictures turned out really amazing. What a great memory for us :)