Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in Santa Ana

I really, really hate LAX, but this spaceship they're building is cool
GPS buddy, let's go
I've missed the boys
This morning, at the always classy Quality Suites
All this and breakfast too

The trip over went well, but my body didn't like it.
I guess because i've been having back/wrist/foot/you name it problems lately, being on that plane just made all of it worse.
And German airplane food is just as terrible as it sounds.
But i guess i should complain, at least not right now, you know.

We got in late-ish, but still in time to make dinner at Claim Jumper with the guys.
Today, who knows?


  1. Puha, jeg ville præcis spørge til din stakkels ryg efter flyveturen! Håber det bliver bedre snart!

  2. the hotel actually does look rather nice :) cant beat free breakfast! The flight on the other hand...not so nice :(

    We will be driving down past the area in a few weeks....taking my son to LEGOland!! I would rather be taking him to the danish LEGOland but its tooooo expensive for us to take a "real" vacation right now