Thursday, June 25, 2009

At another home

The soon to be newlyweds
Their apartment is full of weird and wonderful things
And purty paintings
Cop Rody?
At midnight Allan got a birthday muffin
And this morning the boys bought flowers for me and Anki

Today is Allans birthday, so send him some love from where ever you are.
Tillykke baby, jeg elsker dig!


  1. STORT TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN, ALLAN! Vi sender begge to en masse love fra København og håber, der vanker noget mere kage til dig. Hurraaaaah!

  2. Tillykke med fodselsdagen, Allan :) Hope your day is full of cupcakes, princesses, and not a single tattoo!!

    The apartment looks super duper fab, if you have time please take some more pictures of the cool stuff they have :) I would love love love to see more pics.

    AND it sure was nice of them to get you both flowers! Jacob picked me flowers yesterday, put them in a vase and put them by my bed while I was taking a nap....hehehehe I think he wanted me to buy him LEGOs.