Saturday, June 13, 2009

... and sunday

I spent a good part of my afternoon on the lower floor of the convention
After the tattoo was done, me and Hanna rushed outside to root for Anne who was in the pin up pageant, but sadly she didn't win (boo!)
Yeah, we weren't too impressed with the winners
Inside, Rei decided to get tattooed by Tera, who isn't actually a tattooer... yeah, these things happen
The result!
Hanna also got tattooed, by our buddy Iwach
Seriously, how cute is that?
Corey and Allison, hanging out in the room/cabin
Allan is always the last one to finish
Corey was leaving and that's always a little sad
Moon over Denny's
We all got over tired and giggly and then this happened
Don't even try to pretend like that's not the funniest word!


  1. Hm, uretfærdig pinup-afgørelse. Hvem vandt? Og hvorfor?

    Det hele ser så hyggeligt ud. Hils hils!

  2. Nr 3 fra højre er mit bud?? Anyway skulle Anne klart ha vundet!

  3. Hende der vandt er ikke med på billedet, men det er også ligemeget for de lignede allesammen hinanden!
    Og det var vist det dommerne gik efter!