Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the what??

A new Buffy movie?
Without the genius that is Joss Whedon?
Without SMG or any of the scoobies?

I don't know you guys...

I mean, i'd probably pay to see that.
Who am i kidding, i'd definitely pay to see that.
But it wasn't too long ago that there was talk about a new movie with the original cast from the series.
Of course that was before SMG went and got herself all knocked up, but still.
They could just wait for her, right?

Obviously the Buffyverse is way open to new storylines and characters, but i can't see anyone but Joss Whedon coming up with a story about a new (or old?) slayer, that'll be worth doing an entire movie about.

I know i'm the only one here who cares (except for Allan) but this is huge news.
And not necessarily good news.
And confusing...

Come back you guys...


  1. EJ!! Ingen Buffy film uden SMG!! Grænsen må trækkes et sted!

  2. I know, er intet helligt mere?
    Og en film uden skaberen af serien/den første film?
    Nok er producere vigtige, meeeen...

  3. No, no, no. Look what happened the last time they did a Buffy movie without Joss.

  4. I care!!! Good God I care! I saw the first line and squealed! I'm at the start of season 4 in my buffython. Its a regular thing! weeeee exciting!!!! :D xxx

  5. yeah dude buffy without joss is no good!

  6. yep yep, with the Twilight movies taking over the world...Buffy was sooo due for a run with the younger generation! If the new Star Trek movie is any type of example, I think Buffy could really do well with a new cast and story. Could be all bad...but I am holding out for it being new and maybe even better...I know, I know...blasphemy

  7. Agree, A buffy movie without joss = CRAP movie

  8. Well, well, you're all nerds too!

    Tanya, you're right, and i get why they want to do it, vampires and remakes are the shizzle right now, and making money never went out of style, so it makes sense.

    But all this could be done very well by the man who created the show, and not asking him (and angering fans) does not make sense.

    So yeah, i'm with the others on this, without him it's probably gonna blow.