Sunday, May 31, 2009

What (not?) to pack

Today was supposed to be all about packing because, in case you didn't already know, we're leaving for California tomorrow.
But how do you spend a whole day packing when you're used to doing it right before bedtime, the night before leaving?
Yeah, you don't.

I started to pack and tried on some clothes
Then we went out in the summer weather (yes, it's here, right when we're about to leave!) and ate pizza
Later we met up with some homies at Siciliansk Is for some free ice cream (it was their birthday, that's why it was free)
And because we're Lucifer-less we went out for dinner at Biomio, a new organic cafeteria style restaurant in our neighborhood
The food was good

Oh, and i finished one last hat that i'm gonna bring to the States.
And my wrist is just killing me now, so i think a hat-break might be a good thing.

A little navy themed thing, you know, to wear on the boat!

It's late now, and i'm actually not packed yet, but whatever.
Free ice cream and hanging out in the sun was a better way to spend the day.

See y'all soon, or in a few days i guess!


  1. OMG where in Cali will you be? I LIVE THERE!!!! How long are you visiting for?

  2. I'm gonna be in Santa Ana most of the time, and this weekend we'll be at the Queen Mary in Long Beach!

  3. doh, well as much as I adore your blog and fab style...a 10 hour drive is just a bit more than I am willing to do...I would make a terrible stalker

    Hope your having a super duper fab time

  4. Haha, well, thanks for considering!
    Where in California are you at?

  5. in a tiny little town near Calis capitol of Sacramento, so we are about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from San Fran :) Its amazingly beautiful here in the sierra foothills with tons of amazing hiking trails and beautiful places to swin in the rivers. But we are ready for some city life and when the economy recovers hopefully we will be moving to San Fran.

    Thanks for asking :)

  6. I haven't been to San Fransisco in years, we always talk about going up there, but we're so lazy when we're here, haha!