Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vesterbro days

Another day off.
Really, another one?
Sure, why not.
At least that's what Allan said when i started complaining about going to work this morning (that's afternoon in NPT*).
So i worked from home today, doing shop email stuff and painting.

Lucifer thinks "work at home" means "hang out with Lucifer", so we played and went out for a couple of long walks in the hood.
I went by my hair salon and got an appointment for tomorrow.
Very cool and unexpected.
I just need my bangs trimmed, nothing terribly exciting.

The small park that's not really a park that Lucifer likes
Searching for the other dogs
Today was the premier of the vertical waterfall, some eco friendly installation that collects rainwater that runs down the building, waters the plants and end up in a pond... also, birds are supposed to nest there
There used to be a large political hippie mural here, that i kind of miss, but this is cool too i guess
*Normal People Time


  1. hey, i was always wondering- what kind of breed is lucifer exactly?

  2. He's a Prazsky Krysarik, or a Prague Ratter.
    Supposedly a good rat catcher back in the days, not that we've ever seen any evidence of that!