Monday, May 4, 2009

Still no ice cream? What the what?

It's ice cream season again, and we somehow missed getting our sunday fix at Siciliansk Is.
So today we were gonna hurry home from work, and possible skip dinner altogether, to get that fix.
And for a while there, it did look as if we were gonna make it before closing time, but a friend popped by the shop as we were leaving.
So... maybe tomorrow?

Instead of ice cream we had this japanese curry, and that wasn't too bad
Last night we had instant Udon, sometimes i think japanese fast food is the only reason we're even alive

I'm still trying to get used to the G9, but getting used to a new camera, while still mourning the loss of my beloved brown Ixy, isn't easy.
Some people would say i've traded up, but i just miss that easy-to-use-fits-in-my-pocket little devil.
The G9 has got too many settings for my taste.
I like to take dumb, spontaneous pictures, and with those there's no time to goof around with light settings and crap like that.
I don't think i've taken a single not shaky looking indoor picture yet (see: above food photography disasters).
Maybe in time i'll get the hang of it.
Taking pictures outdoors is going a little better, so maybe i should stick to posting those for the time being?

Pretty apple blossoms at the park
Me and a chestnut tree

I know i bragged about having sunday off but... it didn't last very long.
For some reason, the thought of all the crap in the basement had been driving me nuts, so i went down there.
And stayed just long enough to get a little dizzy from dehydration.
But i went through about a million bags and boxes of clothes and shoes.
I filled a bunch of boxes with stuff i'm gonna try to sell at a flea market over the summer (Cph grrls, any ideas are welcome) and two large garbage bags of clothes that are going straight to the charity shops.
It felt good!
Of course i also found a few items that deserve a second chance.

I'm wearing these today, my moms pants from the 80's!
I'm sure they're supposed to fit differently, but i think they work, in a weird way

Tomorrow, a much dreaded appointment at the hospital.
An early one too.
Hopefully whoever i'm meeting with won't be too awful, and i'll come out of there a little wiser.
Maybe not getting ice cream today was a good thing, tomorrow it'll be pity-ice cream, and it'll taste so much sweeter!


  1. I love the chop sticks in the second photo and I'm lovin your glasses too.

  2. Thanks!
    Those chopsticks are surprisingly heavy, but i just had to have them for my collection!