Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shocked and appalled

I can't fuckin believe that Norway won!
Seriously, i was screaming at the computer when it became obvious, already after the first tow or three countries had voted, that the little troll was gonna win.
Ever seen a real football (i'm talking soccer here people) fan at a pub, watching his team lose?
That's me during the Eurovision and it ain't pretty.
Even Allan, who voted for Germany, was a little shocked.
I'm sorry Portugal, Germany and Moldova, i voted for you, i tried.
You were robbed.


  1. I had never even heard of Eurovision until this year, but I can see how it would be addicting! I was like that the first season of American Idol. My friend Daniel even bought us tickets to see the TOUR- embarrassing! To my credit, I only went with him because he was totally in love with Clay Aiken and wanted to go in hopes of sweeping him off his feet or something. Still though.

  2. LOL I feel your pain :) My Mom and I watched every year until I turned 12 and we moved to the US! Screaming at the TV and cursing the judges. The next day at school, everyone whould be so excited about the winner. Its never ever the country you want to win who does....people have really really bad taste...everywhere

  3. Clay Aiken, really?
    But an idol tours sounds like exactly the thing i would do if i lived in the states!

    You're right Tanya, people really do have the worst taste!

  4. Og så er det Norges Nationaldag i dag no less!

  5. Du skal ikke finde dig i en skid! Fjeldaber!!!!