Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, here at last

I thought it would be at least a few more days, but due to the magic of vita wrap, my russian girl tattoo is pretty much healed already.
I will post a better, and more complete, picture when i can get my husband to take one.

The top part is still missing some glow and stuff, but otherwise it's pretty much done
Allan is busy assembling his new (non-ikea) desk

I slept until 11 today.
I used to do that all the time, but it's been a while.
And i have no plans today.
We've just been out walking together, drinking some good coffee and talking.
Oh, saturday...

I'm gonna go in the other room and hang out with Allan and maybe do some hat makin'.
He's still working on the desk, and listening to the Judgment Night soundtrack, and i want in on that!


  1. hmmm, whats a vita wrap? I dont think I am familiar with that and I have a great deal of tattoo work :)

    Your russian girl is looking super fab :) such a beautiful idea

  2. ooooh looking gorgeous! you are lucky to have such a talented husband :) xxx

  3. Thanks!
    Yup, i am lucky indeed!

    Vita wrap is just the danish name for saran wrap.
    I've just been wrapping it for three days instead of two, and it's already healed, except for a few difficult spots.
    I usually heal very slow, so i'm pretty excited!

  4. WOW, really you keep the wrap on that long? I have always been told to take it off ASAP...interesting idea :) I tend to heal very poorly, the summer months are the worse and at times I have broken out in hives for no reason except for the new ink...super lame. I might try the wrap idea next time I get some ink. Thanks oddles for the info.

  5. It's kinda complicated cause you have to change it a few times.
    It goes a little something like this:
    -After the tattoo is done it'll get wrapped and you keep that on till the next morning.
    -The next morning you wash it really good with a mild soap and rinse in cold water when all the gross gooey stuff is gone.
    -Then you let it dry out for about an hour, until it is completely dry.
    -Apply a tiny bit of whatever lotion you usually use, but dab it dry after, so there's no excess lotion on the skin, then you wrap it again.
    -Leave it on till the late afternoon/evening (depending on when you get up in the morning, and when you get home from work)
    -Take off the wrap, wash the tattoo really thoroughly and let it dry out.
    -Leave it without wrap or lotion until you're about to go to bed
    -Before bedtime you repeat the routine from the morning (put on a little bit of lotion, dab it dry, wrap it in saran wrap) and then you leave it on overnight.

    We usually recommend that people do this for two days and three nights (including the first night with the wrap your tattooer gave you), but i did it for two and a half (the third day i didn't sleep with the wrap on) and it worked great for me.
    The wrap kinda works as a fake layer of skin and it protects and heals the tattoo faster.

    All tattooers work differently, so i usually recommend that people take the advice of their own artist, but if you don't heal well you could try this next time!

    Summers are difficult, with this method too, cause the skin will sweat under the plastic and sometimes you can break out from that a little, i don't think there's any fix for that (except maybe to stay inside!).

  6. Se dét er sådan man holder lørdag!

  7. Oh thank you soooo much for taking the time to type all that great info for me :) I cut and pasted it into a word doc and saved it as "danish tattoo care" :) I will try it next time I get work done. I have tried so many different healing methods, some with fairly BAD results, so I am really excited to try something new and improved. LOL and now I have another destination to get a tattoo done...for my international sleeve :)

  8. steve has this new sort of bandage that is almost like a clear bandaid. its magic i tell you.

    i usually leave my bandage on for as close to 24 hours as I can.
    i think wash it off with a mild soap and hot hot water.
    afterwards, i put this bandage over the newly tattooed parts and leave it on for around 8-12 hours.
    sometimes i will put it on a second time, but its usually not necessary.
    from this, i get the thinnest layer of peeling, but no scabbing what-so-ever
    before this bandage, i would just leave my tattoo as is, and not get it wet for about 4 or 5 days
    i never put any lotion on for at least a week and a half
    dry heal all the way

    its funny because steve has actually changed his aftercare a couple times in the 3 years ive been getting tattooed by him, but ive stuck with the way it was when i started, because i know it works for me.

    ill try find out what that bandage stuff is. its truly amazing...

  9. Magic band aid sounds cool!

    We change our recommendations too, every time we find something new that works better, but also depending on the client and their skin type.
    It's always good to know what works for you, but it's definitely good to try out new stuff too.

    I used to not re-wrap and pretty much dry out my tattoos, but now this works much better, so i'm all for trying new methods!

    And Tanya, you're welcome, hope it works out well for you next time!