Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going to Sweden with a bag full of hats

Ok, so in case you'd forgotten, i took a little trip to Malmö, Sweden yesterday.
For a business meeting, i guess you could call it!
All morning i'd been so busy packing hats and business cards and making a picture disc, i completely forgot my camera.
I know, good job, Amalie.
But lucky for me, Helle brought hers, so the pictures here are a combo of pictures stolen from her blog, and iphone toycam shots.

Waiting for Helle, who got stuck in traffic, outside the central station
Crossing the bridge to Sweden, the train ride only takes about 40 minutes from the center of Copenhagen to the center of Malmö, very convenient

As soon as we landed in Sweden, we went straight for the shop.
It was only about ten minutes from the station and very easy to find.

The meeting itself went great, Linda was every bit as nice as i'd hoped, the shop was super cute and the whole thing was just so relaxed and casual.
We sealed the deal with high fives all around.
Doesn't get much better than that!

I am officially selling my hats in a real shop now, see, there they are!
Happy camper

After we'd wrapped things up at the shop, we headed out for some celebratory kaffe latte.
What we got was crappy cafeteria coffee with absolutely no milk in it, but whatever, we were in a good mood.

Me, taking apart the box i brought the hats over in (in the middle you see Helle's credit card, which i managed to lose just a few minutes later... told y'all i was clumsy)
Swedens national bird perhaps?

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and shopping.
I bought a few dresses, Helle got some t-shirts for herself and some super cute hats for her baby.
I would have liked to have shopped some more (the Swedish Kr. is so low right now) but time goes by fast and all of a sudden the stores were all closed.

On our second coffee break, this time with actual coffee
Pretty coffee, and stronger than it looked
Helle won't let me take pictures of her, unless of course she's staning a million miles away from the camera

We went our separate ways at Nørreport station, Helle headed home on the metro and i walked to the shop.
Allan and Nick were still working and Lucifer was playing at his friend Palma's place down the street.
When we finally got home around midnight, i was in no condition to form a sentence, the sheer awesomeness of the day had just worn me out, so instead of blogging, we ate pizza and watched Medium until it was time for bed.


  1. Tillykke! Wow, you businesswoman you! Hvor er det dejligt, og ret badass at skippe København og gå direkte til international handel :-)

    Hvad er det for en butik?

  2. Yay, tak for en fantastisk dag i Mallemø! Du og dine hatte er fabulous!

  3. Tillykke, tillykke - Du fortjener det :)

  4. Oh, that is wonderful news! Congratulations! You look so excited in the picture outside the shop, cute :)

  5. congratulations! you deserve to finally have them in a shop!!! :) yayyy!!! xxx

  6. Tak & thanks, you guys are the bestest!

    Det er en lille ny vintage butik, Fie, adressen er i den nye post lidt længere oppe!

  7. OHHHH super duper congrats :) Sounds like a mega fab day

  8. Good job! I'm glad you are happy!

    Next time you come to Japan, you should bring some of your fabulous hats. I'm sure people in retail would be very much interested.


  9. Thanks!

    That's not a bad idea...
    Maybe when my japanese is a little (a lot) better, so i can actually talk to people!