Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Friday (was it friday?) we rented five movies.
There are still two left and they have to be returned by tomorrow night, so we better get to it.
So i guess todays post will be a quick one.

The ones we have left are Sukiyaki Western Django (i don't know why i agreed to this one, i hate Takashi Miike) and Vicky Christina Barcelona.
We were up pretty early, so i'm not sure i'll be able to stay awake for both.

The ones we already watched were Mongol (not as epic as i'd hoped, but very long), the new James Bond with the stupid name (i'm sorry Daniel Craig, you're a swell guy, but you'll never be Bond in my book) and The Spirit (much better than i'd expected, actually).

Over the weekend we also managed to sneak in one of the classics from my childhood, as well as a couple of 30 Rock episodes.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, who else is way too excited about the new Star Trek?
Come on people, i can't be the only one.
I wanna see it on the biggest screen possible, soehm, move it or lose it, Wolverine!

Ps. After work we met up with my mom for some ice cream.
And it was so good i forgot to take pictures!


  1. Naziscenen i The Spirit er så friggin' sjov, mand!

  2. Meget bred genre de 5 film imellem. Held og lykke med Vicky Christina filmen... Vil gerne høre hvad Allan synes om den :) Jeg havde svært ved at sætte ord på, da jeg så den i hvert fald.