Friday, May 15, 2009


I went to get my hair cut this morning.
It was a good way to start the day.
And also, she gave me the cut for free, and free is (almost) always good.
After i was done i went home, picked up Lucifer, made a playlist on my iPhone and jumped on the bike to go see my grandfather across town.
I was feeling comfortable in my clothes, which is always nice, and i had sassy, short bangs.
And the ride was nice and sunny.

Unfortunately, my grandfather was being kind of... difficult today.
Being old is not easy, and if he sometimes needs to takes his frustrations out on his family, i do understand. I just don't like it much.
And i know some people think that old people should be allowed to act however that want just cause they're old, but i don't think having been alive longer than me gives him an excuse to act like an a-hole.
And i always tell him that too.
After a while he turned into his usual charming self and we had a good time.

It was three or four when i got back to the shop.
Allan was running late, and the idea of getting home around midnight (ok, so i was an hour off, but pretty close) was not helping my mood.
But despite lateness and busyness, it ended up being a good day with lots of nice people, and we got some delicious food delivered to the shop.

The best part of my day was probably riding from Vesterbro to Brønshøj, through Nørrebro and Nord Vest, where i used to live and ride my bike every day.
It looks a little different, but it feels the same.
Sometimes i feel that that area is the real Copenhagen, and the place i'm living now is just a really trendy Århus suburb or something.
That's not really fair, i know, but people here on Vesterbro are so fashionable and correct, and the cafés and restaurants and shops are so, well... fashionable and correct.
Sometimes it just gets a little too depressing looking at the same women in harem pants and giant plaid scarves (or whatever stupid clothing article is the shizzle at the moment) pushing around baby strollers every day.
I guess it's normal to miss a neighborhood you pretty much grew up in, but i'm still happy living here now and i'm still glad we moved.

In much, much more important news:
Tomorrow night is the Eurovision finals, and as usual, i'm way too excited!
The Eurovision is so hard to explain, it has to be seen.
And it has to be seen a lot.

Now, i never root for Denmark, i'm all about the quality and/or kitchyness of the song.
But i do think Denmark have a real chance of ending up in the top five this year.
Personally i have a soft spot for contestants who sing in their own language instead of English, and a low tolerance for performances that are too gimmicky.
Oh, and speaking of gimmicky, Dita Von Teese will be performing with the Ricky Martin/Cab Calloway wannabe who's representing Germany this year.
What the what?


  1. I love reading about your day, it's good it turned out okay :) Uh, and i also think Denmark could be in the top ^^ But what's this about Dita Von Teese? That's wierd >_<

  2. ooh, im excited for eurovision too, but its on at the same time as britain's got talent. whats a girl to do!?! eeeep!


  3. free haircut sounds good!

    you are lucky you have your grandpa. and it's even cooler that you tell him to chill when he's being difficult.

    hey, i saw some pictures of dita on eurovision. i don't know what the hell she was doing there, either, but her titties looked nice.

  4. Thanks Lykke, can you believe we scored so low?
    And no points from Sweden?
    That's not very neighborly!

    Sam, i hope you chose the 'vision!

    Ai, i know i'm lucky, and i'm glad i still have the old fart.

    Dita didn't strip as much as i'd thought, but their performance was good.
    Didn't get many votes tough, but me and Allan have a theory that people don't like voting for Germany.
    It's the only explanation we can think of.

  5. Ok I have to say this, I HATE HAREM PANTS! There I admitted it and feel better. I was happy to see when I got back to NYC the fad is just not catching on here. Tell me who looks attractive in these pants? No one!

  6. Nope, not even the prettiest people can make this trend fly!
    Looks like smocked, floral jumpsuits have taken over now, replacing the harem pants and i guess that's a step in the right direction!