Saturday, May 30, 2009

Death by chocolate, or cakeday at Conspiracy Inc.

Bestest friday in a long, long time.
Good buddies, nice weather and a complete sugar overdose, that still has me shaking a bit.
Days like these where good people come by and hang out, remind me why i like having a shop.

Young is putting sour cream on the most chocolaty chocolate cake you can imagine (no, no you can't, actually)
Tiny cups of awesomeness
And, as if cake wasn't enough, Wookie brought over a bucket of Sicilian ice cream for everyone (we did work too, a little, but for the most part we just ate and talked)
On our way home the weather was still awesome
Dinner at my parents place (hakkebøf, new danish potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower and pea salad)
If you wanna see some really good pictures from the shop today, i suggest you go here!


  1. chocolaty chocolate want some.

  2. You guys always get spoiled with food! Which is just fine, that's the best kind of spoiled to be.