Thursday, May 14, 2009


Allan came home early and we went out for japanese food.
Banzai is another japanese owned restaurant just around the corner from our place.
There is no Little Tokyo in Copenhagen, but if there was i guess we would be right in the middle of it.
It says on their website, that the woman who owns it is from Aichi, and that's where Ai lives.
Weird, huh?

Matcha tea
Chirashi sushi
I wore these shoes, i got them right before Japan, so this was their first time out of the house (i must have cahnged outfits like four times today, i always do that when i'm home)


  1. yummmmm I love Japanese food :) Though I do my vegetarian....which is still super duper yummy. We have two fairly decent Japanese places walking distance from our house, as well :) I love being able to walk to dinner and home....sooooo not an american thing to do...LOL not in the burbs where we live anyways

  2. i saw their website. man, they should let me take their pictures...but that's not what i was gonna say. i was gonna say, "what does it take for a japanese person to live in copenhagen!?!"

  3. Walking to dinner, or riding our bikes, is definitely the Copenhagen way.
    It's one of the things i miss when i'm in the States.
    I love it there, but i just really hate driving!

    I agree Ai, their pictures are pretty bad and yours are wonderful... they should call you!

    I think maybe the Banzai woman is married to a danish dude.
    So there's always that option!
    Or try looking here:

    Also, it takes a lot of patience, i think.

  4. Ai, you and i can move in together in copenhagen and live illegally! it will be fun!