Monday, May 25, 2009

At the laundromat

When they (possibly) strike you have to give your dog some form of treatment, obviously.
That part is easy, you take some medicine and you pour it on the skin in the back of the dogs neck.
And since Lucifer is going to stay with my parents next week, in the country where there are ticks, he was due for a preventive treatment anyways.
No problem.
It doesn't end there.

If you suspect that there might be fleas on your dog, they may also be around the house.
You will have to vacuum all his usual hangouts as well as wash all the blankets and sheets he comes into contact with on a daily basis.
Well, this is Lucifer we're talking about, so that's everywhere and everything!

So today we went to the laundromat across the street with blankets, pillowcases and our giant bed spread.
We do have a washing machine and that was filled up too, but this way was faster.

This place is so old school
We went out for lunch while we waited, so we didn't have to hang out there the whole time, but i do kinda like it there

After we came home, i still managed to do a little sewing, a lot.
I just focused on making a lot of hat and headband bases, using some of the fabric i bought in Japan, instead of finishing a hat.
I'm not usually this well organized, but tomorrow i'm gonna be happy that i did these.

They don't look like much yet, but someday they'll make sense

Now, more Medium.


  1. You think there's just one?
    Maybe loppen, maybe lopper!

  2. ugh what a mega hassle :( The sewing looks like a great start though!

    My mom and I got my picnic basket done today. Its super duper fab!! Put sugar skull fabric on the inside and painted the outside with glitter :)

  3. oh god i hate fleas so fucking much!
    Do you use frontline? I re-apply it every 4-5 weeks now during the "flea-months". So far we didn't get any this year...yet.

  4. oh no,my two have fleas at the's such a pain x

  5. Yeah, i used the FrontlineComboVet this time, and i'm gonna give re apply it in a month or so.
    Still blows!
    I just hope the little bastards are dead now.

    Congrats on the basket Tanya, you're gonna be the envy of the whole park!

  6. ohmygod, i'd go absolutely insane. one time my old roommate opted not to give her cats the medicine when they did catch fleas, saying the medicine was bad for them while in fact she'd friggin' treated them with the medicine a couple of months before that as a preventive treatment. i had a crazy roommate like that...ah!

    i hope you've gotten rid of them!!!

  7. I hope so too!
    I've got a very active imagination, so it's just itching all over, but since Allan hasn't felt a thing, i'm pretty sure it's all in my head!