Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost done (with this part)

Ok, just a few quick toycam shots, and then i am off to bed.

Every part of my body hurts now, and we're still not done.
But the most important things are finished: my new shelves are up, Allans new desk is in place and the old desk is now just a place to store crap on (and under).

It doesn't sound like much, but old Copenhagen apartments are crooked as hell (this one more than any other i've ever seen) and the walls are impossible to drill in.
Not to mention the hours we've spent just sorting through old papers, photos, CD's, postcards, you name it.

Better pictures soon, but you get the idea
It's hard to tell, but on the left i've put up all the phone accessories we've bought in Japan over the years
My handyman-husband looking all kinds of hot (and the dog is nice too, i guess)

Tomorrow there will be more cleaning, more pictures and hopefully (now that i can find everything) some serious hat making!


  1. awww you have a little icebat keychain! :)

    i have an icebat, I love him :)

    the room is looking great! xxx

  2. Good eye, that is an icebat!

    (Især alle!)