Thursday, May 21, 2009

All work and no play makes... Zzzz...

After a couple of days of no work, home work and just partial work, going back to actual work can be rough.
I had a pretty busy day, and it just wore me down completely.
Oh, and having to ride home from work in the pouring rain while wearing shorts didn't help either.
I am beat.
But i did manage to come home, do the dishes and make some pretty friggin' delicious japanese food out of random stuff in the kitchen.
So i may be tired, but at least i'm not tired AND hungry.

Tomorrow is yet another half day of work.
Me and Helle are going to exotic Malmö, Sweden for the day, we're even leaving dogs and babies behind.
I'm going to check out a shop that would maybe like to sell some of my stuff (fingers crossed, people) and i figured that i'd invite a good friend along for some shopping and fika.
It better not be raining.

That's me today, looking frumpy as hell, but never mind that, my hair is almost long enough for kind of an up do!
And here's a lovely picture Allan just took of one of the pieces that will be traveling to Sweden tomorrow (that new camera of his is pure magic and creamy rainbows)

I just made, and printed, a bunch of these little tags for the hats, and now i'm off to bed (no Medium tonight... feels all kinds of wrong)


  1. Omg, where did you get those boots!? I must get some in my life.
    love annie

  2. Yippeee that sounds like a super duper fun day and crossing fingers and toes that the shop deal goes well :)

    I agree the picture is dreamy!

    I really really really need one of those to decorate MY head :)

  3. Hope you'll have a great day in Malmö.

    Redfellas have awesome fresh juices and at Barista you can get aewsome hot chocolate with chili. :)

  4. Krydser alting for dig! Them swedes won't know what hit them!

  5. Not funny - but great! :) Pretty outfit. And have a nice trip to Malmö :)

  6. awesome outfit - you look great! xxx

  7. a great hat and a great picture of it.
    good luck in malmo.
    i remember its being very very freezing cold when i went there... they had a nice cafe, though, where everybody kind of stared at me. haha.

  8. royal ascot is where the women wear amazing fantastic (and some nutty in a bad way) hats. if you google you'll find a lot more than just my one silly link, but i thought of you.

  9. Those are awesome, you gotta love those crazy rich brits!
    I especially love Victoria Du Vins peach hat (and what a name too!)