Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You pretty things

For the last year or so i've been searching for a perfect pair of pretty leather oxford shoes.
But i still haven't found them, i haven't even really gotten close to finding them.
So when i saw the fun two tone sneakers on the left at Swimmer in Alta yesterday i decided they would have to do for now.
And priced at a reasonable 1600 yen, it would almost be silly to not buy them.

The red trimmed denim shoes are from a shop in Pepe (the mall at Seibu Shinjuku St.).
The tips are a little dark because it's been raining all day.
I probably should have worn the rubber shoes today, right?

Two out of four pairs of shoes bought on this trip (not counting slippers)

I'm trying to think of stuff i miss from home, anything that'll get me just a little excited about going home.
There's not much time left and if i don't find something to miss soon, i might cry.
There's not much though, besides my baby boy with the big ears, of course.

But i do kind of look forward to eating a meal, any meal, without several people blowing smoke directly in my face.
Yeah, it's funny that a country that's so obsessed with manners and etiquette don't find that the least bit rude, but they really don't.
So yeah, that's one thing at least.


  1. Skal de være nye? Jeg havde en periode på cirka to år hvor jeg KUN kiggede efter oxford sko overalt hvor jeg kunne komme til det, så jeg blev rimelig meget haj til at finde dem i alle former, farver og størrelser. Jeg tror, jeg læste du ikke kan lide kan lide spidse sko, men hvis du giver mig din skostørrelse og farvepræferencer kan jeg ihvertfald holde lidt øje for dig, hvis du vil :) Tofarvede sko er iøvrigt bomben, og jeg bifalder dem, du har fundet!

  2. so, um... yeah... you're gonna have to give me those oxfords!

    i've had the same dilemma too, not been able to find any pretty enough! but those are super cute!!! xxx

  3. Her er der 4 gode grunde: Mucifer, familie, venner og rugbrød!! Excited yet?

  4. I love the red shoes!

    cute blog!

  5. Young, de behøver slet ikke være nye, brugte er helt fint.
    men afgjort ikke spidse!
    Jeg er ca. en 38 i lukkede sko, og jeg kan godt lide brun!*

    Thanks Yoli, and thanks for reading the blog!

    *Uddrag fra verdens mest kiksede kontaktannonce?