Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trailers on the go

Still at the shop, Hiro and Allan are on their second tattoos of the day.
I've just been on a coffee/onigiri run, but besides that i haven't done much of anything today.
You know, besides sitting on my ass watching trailers!
And, as usual, i'll share todays selection with you.

Where the Wild Things Are
I was never into the book, but the movie looks cute

Away we go
Feel-goody stuff with the very likable John Krasinski

Star Trek
Nuff said

The Objective
Blair Witch Project in the desert

Public Enemies
John Dillinger action goodness

Funny People
It's Adam Sandler so it could be funny, or it could be really terrible

Have a good sunday people!


  1. where the wild things are looks good! and i loved the book! very excited for this!

    star trek!! yesssssssssssssssss

  2. Thanx for these trailer....more hints of what I should see and what I shouldn't.

    Warning : Don't see OUTLANDER !

    See you guys soon.


  3. Thanks, i'll keep that in mind!

    Star Trek, weeeeeee!!!