Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totoro and the Tokyo police departent

What a day.
Eventful is one way to describe it.
Crazy would be another.

It started easy enough, with me finally getting a new tattoo.
Not that it's important to get tattooed while in Japan, it's just that with all Allans clients at home, there's never really time for me.
So yay for getting tattooed!
It was a small one (two small ones, actually) so we went to the shop early to get it done before Allan had to go meet Mattias.

I spent the rest of my day walking around Shinjuku, as i so often do, going to Tokyu Hands to do a bit of shopping, but mostly just walking till my feet hurt.

What happened later that night is a long story, but it involved me coming home and sitting down to eat my dinner, but instead of eating dinner i had to rush back to Shinjuku and spend over two hours at the police station there because the Scandinavian Geek Squad got themselves into trouble.
It's never dull around here.
So i guess i can check "Riding in a cop car in Tokyo" and "Getting questioned by the police in a foreign language" off my list.
I'll leave it to Allan to tell the full story, since i wasn't really involved in the events that put us all at the station in the first place.

Because of all the walking, stress and getting home late, i'm too tired to go anywhere today, so i might just hang at the shop, and possibly meet up with Crystal for dinner.

Soeh, that's it for now i guess...
What? Oh yeah, the tattoo!
Ok, ok, here it is!

Totoro awesomeness!

It totally matches my other hand now and i love it.
Definitely worth having my husband mad at me for a few hours (he hates doing fingers)!
I took off the fancy nail polish this morning, but i might put on some new color later today.

The days are flying by and pretty soon i'll be on a plane back to reality.
I am not pleased about this.


  1. this totoro tattoo is awesome! lucky you!

  2. Thanks, i am feeling pretty lucky!!

  3. Kæft hvor er den sej!
    Og stenet med politiet! Glæder mig lidt til at høre historien.

  4. yeah, that was an evening that will go the the history books (in my book shelf anyways). Thanks for helping out, sorry for this shit. Well, at least we can laugh about it now....man, what a day.

    See ya soonish.


  5. Oh my god! Totoro and little acorns.. It's prefect!
    And your nails look lovely too.

  6. AHHHH!! So cute!
    Im jealous!!!

  7. My book shelf too, Mattias, that's for sure!
    I bet the park folk are already telling tales of the Swedish nija who karate chops random people in his drunken rage every night in Chuo Park!!
    Homeless people beware!

    And thanks/tak you guys, it really is awefully cute!

  8. Ihhh så fin og cute de er!! Og helt sikkert værd at få lidt skældud over, når nu han hader at lave hænder!

  9. Love the nails. The ends look like their dipped in dripping chocolate. Yum!

  10. ohhh den er så sød of flot! tillykke!!!

  11. Miss B, thanks, that's exactly what they're supposed to look like!

    Taaaak Mai!
    Jeg har forresten fundet en indkøbspose til dig!

  12. I must admit I'm not the greatest fan of animation in general, but that Totoro looks absolutely adorable on your finger!!! And those nails look perfect. Love those colors, too.

  13. I thought you might appreciate it!!

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  15. i love the tatoo so much ^^ its cute :3