Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tokyo traditions

On our days off we sometimes like to go to Harajuku, do some shopping at Kiddyland and other fun places, eat some good food, walk to Shibuya, have coffee and cake at Doutors and end up on the 7th floor of Tower Records.
And that's exactly what we did on thursday.
This time we went a little off our usual route and found some great new places.

Welcome to Harajuku
Cutest vending machine in Tokyo
Inside they had some cool stuff, i liked this blue one a lot
There was a restaurant out back and we wanted to eat there, but they were full and Allan was hungry, so we'll just have to come back some other time.

Everywhere you looked there was something cool going on
Random sticker
We had a cheap and pretty traditional lunch at this fancy café in Omotesando

Going to Kiddyland has always been one of our favorite things to do in Tokyo, but something has changed.
There are just too many annoying tourists there now.
I know i'm one of them, i'm not special or anything, but five years ago there where almost never any foreigners and now that's all there is.
They even have foreigners working there now, with little "i-speak-English" tags.
It was just more fun before.
But we still managed to find some good stuff.

Mame shiba
Matryoshka Kitty
More Kitty-chan
Some cute shoes for the visual shopping list
We had lattes and shared a cake

I had to go to Mocha too, of course.
I tried on lots of stuff, but i ended up buying only a top that was on sale, a cheap cat ring and a necklace with a birdcage.

At Tower we bough lots of magazines for the trip and i bought a book set in post war Japan.
I'm not fully into it yet, but it seems good.
In fact, since i've already done my sightseeing in Akita, i might do some reading today.


  1. ooh i need the matryoshka Hello Kitty! so cute!

    ooh show us pictures of the new stuff you got! sounds cool :D xxx

  2. "I speak English" tags? That... I don't know. That makes me feel almost embarrassed.

  3. great pics those painting are pretty cool

  4. I love your inspiration from Japan - keep em comin'