Sunday, April 19, 2009


Walking and shopping in Shinjuku is something i never get sick of.
There's just something about that place, always something new to see and do.
And it's so close to home too.
Yesterday i walked around for hours.

I bought coffee and a donut and walked down to Golden Gai
There are hundreds of tiny bars there, some only has room for a few people, and some are more welcoming than others
I wish i had a racing snail too...
This is from OIOI (Marui) Curren
This one too, how cute is that?
I also went to the other Marui, is it One or City? I can't remember, but it's so pretty there!
Most of the stores look like this one, people like me don't shop here
I had a feeling that pictures weren't really allowed, but since there were no signs i went for it... all for you guys!
Kawaii meets slightly creepy
As i was about to leave a tiny person in a Rococo outfit told me, in no words and angry sign language, not to take pictures, so i guess my hunch was right

Ps. Tina, "Baby, the stars shine bright" is real and i went there!


  1. Wooooooh, SVENSKA FLAGGAN!! :D

  2. i want the racing snail statue in my garden!!! :O xxx

  3. Life is a bitch, but I love bitch and bitch love me. Det er min næste tattoo lige dér!