Tuesday, April 14, 2009

La cucaracha!

When we came back from Takao-san last week, we found this guy having a party in the kitchen sink

We hadn't seen him since the night we moved in, but there he was, just having a grand old time.
We'd been gone for 12 hours, so he was probably assuming that we'd left for good.

Having tried to kill a roach in India once (no fun, not at all) i was not about to try that again.
Also, i try not to kill things in general.

After a couple of failed strategies, Allan managed to catch the sucker and we took him outside.
Actually, we took him all the way into the street, so he wouldn't just turn around and march back in here.
And i swear he gave us a disappointed look right before he walked away to find a new home, and i almost felt a little guilty for kicking him out of his house.

We haven't any other bug encounters since, so let's hope my mom is right about him being an only child.

Ps. In other creature news, the red kitty has been awfully loud these past few days.
I don't mind, i love cat sounds.
Right now it's raining a little, and it's standing in the yard meowing like crazy for someone to let it in.


  1. Yikes til closeups af alt hvad der har mere end fire ben, siger jeg bare!! :-)

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  3. Enig! Jeg er ikke nede med insekter med pels på benene!

  4. What a cute little ooodibobo boo boo little cute one !! I can't believe you guys kicked him out !!! Oh well ... I just wrote a 10 line paragraph of super grossness about roaches but then decided to be nice and erased it !! Hey when are you guys coming back !!?? You guys are missing out on the awesome crazy warm and sunny Summer we're getting !!! All these adjective used by other people not me of course !! Ok ... Bye bye now !

  5. Alright, i promise, that'll be the first and last bug-closeup on this trip!
    But he is kinda cute isn't he? A little? Or maybe it's just that in my mind he's wearing a little vest and playing the maracas!

    Oh, and i did clean the entire (small) kitchen and boil the sponge afterwards.

    We'll be home in a few weeks (aaarrrr, denial, don't wanna go, weather is great here too!) so make sure the weather stays pretty for us!!

  6. Ok, når du siger det på den måde..med vest og maracas. Men stadig en anelse foruroligende - jeg tænker på de mangebenede tequilatyper fra Men in Black?!

    Vejret holder, don't worry! Ellers smadrer vi det!

  7. Oh fuck. I've been afraid of them being activated by this warm weather...