Friday, April 17, 2009

Gots my nails done

Ever since my first time in Japan, i've wanted to get my nails done, crazy Tokyo style.
But every time i start to get serious about it, i remember that it takes forever and it's friggin expensive too.
I don't really like wearing fake nails, so the pre-decorated fake nails that you can just buy and glue on are out of the question too.

But the other day i found this new line of colors from Ettusais and i completely fell in love.
I bought a few of them, and tried to make one of their suggested designs.

I did them right before going out to dinner on wednesday, so they didn't have time to dry properly, but i think i managed to not fuck them up too much.
I used a different color that the one in the recipe and added some glitter too.

They just happened to match my dress!
They're supposed to look like mint ice cream with chocolate on top (it's really hard to take a good picture of nails!)
The right hand was a little tricky, but they look similar at least

Yesterday i bought some more colors, as well as some stickers and stones for decoration, so hopefully i'll do some more crazy nails soon!

Me and Hata at the shop, just cause i like this one


  1. hello,
    how have you been ? Its cobi.
    I work for JuRian where you came and bought heart T-shirts and shoes . Do you remember me?w
    I really would like to get some tattoo.
    if I have a chance to see your husband's art works
    I would love to see them.
    I work at there only on weekend.
    anytime stop by here and we can talk!!
    hope to see you soon.
    love you

  2. Sweet! Jeg er glad for at du ikke tog de falske negle. Jeg har altid været fan af dine ægte negle. Så HVIS du beslutter at købe falske, vil jeg gerne arve dine!

  3. fun! i go through phases where i paint my nails all the time, and then i just stop. but ive never done anything like that before!

  4. Hi Cobi, thanks for the comment!
    I'll come by the shop tomorrow or sunday with some business cards for you.
    Oh, and thanks for putting the picture on your blog, that was awesome!
    See you soon!

    Corey, i'm the same way.
    There were years when i'd always have colorful nails and then years where i couldn't care less.
    I'm hoping to enter a fancy phase again soon!

    Helle, jeg tro jeg holder mig til de ægte.
    Fjollede, men ægte!