Friday, April 10, 2009

Gomen nasai

Two days of blog silence is no good and i apologize.
I have been... walking, i've been walking a lot.
I have lots of pictures and stories, but no time to post them.
Tonight we went our for dinner with the guys and then coffee at a local café and last night we were back home real late too after a whole day of exciting mountain action.
Like i said, lots of stories.

But it'll all have to wait until i come home tomorrow night.
We'll be in Yokohama all day, Allan getting tattooed and me...
Hopefully not walking, cause my feet really need a break.

Ok, ok, i can't stand looking at a picture less post, so here are a few shots from my walk today.

Tired yellowlegs
I didn't plan on going to the Meiji shrine, i don't even like it much, but i kind of just ended up there
Huge ass gate

1 comment:

  1. dont feel bad. my two WEEKS of blog silence finally ended. and im at home... at least you are travelling and having fun!
    (of which i am still jealous..)