Friday, April 17, 2009

Ghibli Ghibli Ghibli!!!

Yesterday, oh, what a magical day.
The time had finally come, time to visit that most awesome of places; the Ghibli Museum.
No, it's not like we had hight expectations or anything.
It was our first time there, so ok, we were pretty excited.

We took the train to Kichijoji, a place i go to quite often because of the big park there.
We went through that same park to reach the museum, there are some signs to the museum, so we only had to ask for directions once.
For some reason i always ask older Japanese ladies for direction, and they never speak english, but we worked it out fine in Japanese.

Now, as i may have mentioned in a previous post, you're not allowed to take pictures inside the museum.
And after having been there, that rule makes perfect sense.
But i do have some before and after shots.

Getting closer...
Right outside!
Imagine being a kid and going to this museum... lucky!
Cute details everywhere
Uhm, hello
I wanna live there

There are so many cool things in this museum, i can't even begin to explain.
It really is one of those things you have to experience for yourself.
If you're a fan, of course.
If you're not, i don't know... i think you might actually enjoy it anyway!
Just watching happy japanese babies play on the Cat Bus is worth 1000 yen.

But i have to mention, that there's a movie theater there and it plays a movie from the Totoro universe that you can only see at the Ghibli Museum.
It was one of the best things i've ever seen, and if we'd been allowed to, i could have watched that movie all day.
So if you ever go there, make sure to see the movie.

Up on the roof (from Allans camera)
At the museum café
We ordered ice cream sodas, the straws are actual straw!
Allan had steak and fries, i had pancakes with croquette and mushrooms, on a Totoro plate

We walked back through the park, still a little dizzy from having been to the happiest place on earth.
On the little shopping street by the station we found some really cool porcelain fortune cats, and we bought a set for the shop and one for the apartment.
And because we got so many, the dude gave us a discount.

After a quick coffee break at home, we went to Shinjuku.
We had sushi on the 7th floor of Lumine and it was delicious, the eel was particularly good there.

Our night ended on the bed/sofa watching Grizzly Man and eating Mister Donut.



    i also want that totoro plate....

  2. have i shown you my totoro magnets??

  3. No, but they must be cute.
    And the plate was not for sale, i checked.
    And yes, you have to come here!!!

    Næste gang vil jeg også! Ingen tvivl om det.

  5. aww wow its all so magical! i am more than just a little bit jealous, i LOVE ghibli!

    let me loose in the gift shop, i'll never come back out!!! xxx

  6. posted pic of my totoro magnets!

    i now really really want to go back downtown to the store i got them at and see what else they have...

  7. Jeg vil bo der med dig! Det ser dejlig fredeligt og hyggeligt ud! Yay!
    Smukke billeder!

  8. Nice! Me and my wife are going there in August and I can't wait. :)

    Oh, and I must say a big thank you for being such a great Japan tour guide. Better than ANY book out there.

  9. Wow, thanks, that's super nice of you!
    You and your wife are gonna love it there, it really is the bestest museum in the world!

    Sam, you'd love it there.
    But the giftshop is not too flashy, it's tasteful and has some things you can only find at the museum, but if you want a real fuzzy and cute Ghibli overdose you have to go to Kiddyland!