Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ups, let's try again, this time with a headline

Before we head out for a another wonderful day in Tokyo (possibly a trip to Kiddy Land in Harajuku and Tower Records in Shibuya?) i'm gonna post a few pictures from tuesday night.

First, coffee with my favorite Izumi in Shinjuku
Later we were joined by Allan and Hata for dinner at a Kyoto restaurant
Lots of good food at this place, which was huge by the way, but we had our own little room
This soup was served when we were already full, so i didn't eat much of it

It's not raining anymore and the sun is even out, so i'm hoping it'll be a good day for a walk.
It looks like the weather will finally warm up this weekend.
Only problem is, this weekend we'll be in Akita.
Where it's cold.
I'm a little worried that we won't have a hanami this year, but maybe the cherry blossoms will still be there when we come back.


  1. Mand! Jeg bliver altså lidt misundelig når jeg ser alle billederne. Heldigvis er der virkelig godt vejr i Danmark, så helt slemt er det ikke :)

  2. interesting looking food, looks like the shrimp still has eyes but does look good

  3. Her er vejret pænt koldt, så der har DK nok en fordel.
    Men ellers er her jo fantastisk!

    Yup, the shrimp has eyes and everything! But you just eat the insides (that somehow sounded just as gross!)
    But everything was delicious.