Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a difference...

After the awefulness that was yesterday, today was a piece of cake.
And a sunny one no less.

It was one of those rare days with only one client and for once everything, from the drawing to the actual tattoo, went nice and easy.
So when me and Lucifer split it was still afternoon.

It is now 8 pm, Allan is sleeping on the sofa and i'm making potato salad.*
Life is good.

The sun had gone into hiding when we were going home, but it was still nice and bright out
Now that i'm done with the skirt i can maybe get back to some hat making, starting perhaps with this chubby gentleman?

*I may have invented a pretty good mustard dressing, we'll find out in just a few minutes.


  1. Flot billede! Jeg fik af en eller anden grund ingen gode billeder af det fine vejr i dag.. De så allesammen overskyede ud da jeg kom hjem og kiggede.
    And me likey the chubby gentleman. Han skal bare gøres høj i hatten!
    Og yay for tirsdag! Ha en god aften og en god dressing!

  2. Tirsdag er det bedste, i hvert fald når man har tidligt fri i det gode vejr!